Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, following your taster session you can reserve your place for the remaining weeks of that half term. We often find that parents or carers who attend classes make friendship groups with other parents and children, so reserving your place keeps everyone together in the same setting. This also enables us to have a maximum number per class which is not only safer, but more enjoyable for all.

Do I have to pay termly in advance?
Do I have to pay a membership fee?

Jungle Music is the creation of Sue Philcox and Kim Lawrence. We are fully independent and not part of a franchise, therefore we do not charge joining or membership fees or sell branded merchandise.

Can I bring a sibling or guest child?

In view of the current Covid 19 situation we are unable to have guests in class. 

(Yes, we wouldn’t expect you to miss a class just because an older sibling has an inset day or a niece or nephew is visiting for example. Just contact us in advance via email, text message, or telephone to arrange this.  Standard class fees for the extra child will apply.)

Can I make up a missed class?

Due to current restrictions sadly people may not attend different classes.

(Yes, we don’t like any of our parents, carers or children to miss a class no matter whether it is due to illness or a family holiday. You are more than welcome to attend another day (if we have space) - just get in touch via the usual channels!)

Yes please! Sue and Kim adore newborns - and this is an ideal way to introduce them to music. Most tiny babies remain either in their baby car seats or if preferred in a baby sling. As both of us present the class, should you need to feed or attend to your baby, one of us is always on hand to assist with the class child.

Can I bring my newborn baby?
Do I have to join in?

We have written our programmes such that they are a shared experience between parent or carer and child. You will need to support your child to follow instructions and above all have fun. We love to hear you sing too!

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes we do for second and subsequent children in a family - and this will be automatically applied for all siblings.